Sono-Tek has been a global pioneer in ultrasonic coating systems since 1975. Their modern, proprietary coating tech give comprehensive solutions to intricate and diverse coating concerns in a vast scope of international markets, from R&D through high volume manufacturing. They provide the most comprehensive assortment of tools for spraying liquid flux on circuit boards for use with selective and wave soldering equipment.


Sono-Tek has been a global powerhouse in ultrasonic coating solutions for 40 years. The company offers creative, proprietary coatings technologies that give comprehensive solutions to complex and diverse coating challenges in a vast scope of sectors from research and development through large volume production.

Sono-Tek is the ideal partner for your next coating project because of its comprehensive product line of dependable and affordable ultrasonic technology.

Sono Tek ultrasonic fluxers can be incorporated into any manufacturer's wave or selective soldering system to improve process control. They have replaced or improved thousands of inefficient traditional coating methods in industries such as printed circuit board fluxing, electronics photoresist deposition, medical device coatings, and nanocoatings onto glass and textiles. They have brought ultrasonic technology into numerous new areas in recent years by utilizing our unique innovations, wide application experience, and solid engineering staff.